MBBS(Lon) FRCS (Eng) FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Chan Jeer is a leading consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon specialising in knee surgery and sports medicine in Kent.

Chan Jeer

MBBS(Lon) FRCS (Eng) FRCS (Tr & Orth)

Chan Jeer is a leading consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon specialising in knee surgery and sports medicine in Kent.

Chan’s specialists’ interests are a reflection of his specialist fellowship training and are almost exclusively related to surgery of the knee and sports medicine.

His personal philosophies are of integrity and the pursuit of clinical excellence on all occasions and providing effective communication.

Personal interests are centred on his young family, motorsports and keeping fit.


Chan Jeer was born in the UK and qualified from King’s College Hospital School and Medicine and Dentistry, London in 1993. After a series of Professorial House Jobs in Medicine and Surgery, he moved on to working as a Casualty SHO at King’s College Hospital before he became an anatomy demonstrator at Guy’s Hospital in London.

Chan’s basic surgical training was on the renowned Canterbury rotation in Kent. He obtained Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (England) in 1997. Higher surgical training in Trauma and Orthopaedics was done in the South East Thames rotation, where he obtained the FRCS (Tr & Orth) in 2002.

Sub-specialist Fellowship training was obtained in Australia and Ireland. In Australia Chan trained at the prestigious Sportsmed Institute of Arthroplasty and Sports Medicine with Greg Keene, Roger Oakeshott, Tony Spriggins and Roger Paterson.

This Fellowship experience included Hip (Cemented, Uncemented and Resurfacing) and Knee (Total and Unicompartmental) Arthroplasty, including the use of minimally invasive surgery, and computer navigated surgery. Arthroscopy of the Hip, Knee, and Ankle was a significant component of the Fellowship, and Sports Surgery, as was Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction and Cartilage transplant surgery.

The Dublin, Ireland Fellowship with Michael Stephens provided experience in Adult and Paediatric Foot and Ankle surgery. This includes Ankle Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy and all aspects of Forefoot and Hindfoot surgery.

Previous Positions & Experience:

Cappagh National Orthopaedic Hospital
Mater University Hospital
Temple Street University Children’s Hospital
Dublin, Ireland: MM Stephens

Research Fellow: Lower Limb Arthroplasty and Sports Medicine.
Sportsmed SA, Adelaide, Australia: GCR Keene, RD Oakeshott
AJ Spriggins, RS Paterson
August 2003 – June 2004

Specialist Registrar Posts: South East Thames Circuit:

October 2002 – June 2003 King’s College Hospital, London
P. Li, D. Rajan, AFG Groome

October 2001 – October 2002 Bromley Hospital
A. Franklin, D.H. Yanni, J. McAllister, J. Walczak

October 2000 – October 2001 Kent and Sussex Hospital
P.A. Gibb, P.W.S. Skinner, J.E. Nicholl

October 1999 – October 2000 King’s College Hospital, London
S.L. Phillips, P. Li.

October 1998 – October 1999 Medway Maritime Hospital
J.P. Fleetcroft, B.T. Gopalji, A.J. Hammer

February 1998 – August 1998 Maidstone Hospital
LAS Registrar in Trauma and Orthopaedics
Mr R.N.S. Slater

August 1997 – February 1998 Kent and Canterbury Hospital
Senior SHO in Trauma and Orthopaedics
Mr P.L. Housden

February 1997 – August 1997 Urological Surgery
Mr K.H.A. Murray

August 1996 – February 1997 General and Endocrine Surgery
Mr R.E.C. Collins

February 1996 – August 1996 Trauma and Orthopaedics
Mr N. Blackburn and Mr R. Wetherell

August 1995 – February 1996 Head and Neck Surgery and Otolaryngology
Mr D. Mitchell

February 1993 – July 1993 King’s College Hospital, London
H.P. to Professor A.L.W.F. Eddleston
General Medicine/Hepatobiliary Medicine

August 1993 – January 1994 King’s College Hospital, London
H.S. to Professor I.S. Benjamin/Mr M. Coptcoat
General and Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery

February 1994 – July 1994 King’s College Hospital, London
SHO to Dr E. Glucksman
Accident and Emergency Medicine

August 1994 – January 1995 BUPA Gatwick Park Hospital, Sussex
Resident Medical Officer

February 1995 – August 1995 UMDS Guy’s Hospital, London
Anatomy Prosector to Professor H. Ellis

Undergraduate Education
1987 – 1993 King’s College Hospital, London

General Education
1980 – 1986 Cranford School, Cranford, Middlesex
Head Boy


This research fellowship had an equal division between clinical and research commitments. The supervising surgeons have a particular interest in arthroscopy, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructive surgery, and arthroplasty.

The clinic is a unique facility which is dedicated to sports medicine and surgery and the allied specialities of physiotherapy and podiatry. Day-case surgery accounts for 50% of the practice, the remainder performed from a 50 bed hospital. There are 4 operating theatres and 9 surgeons in the group, performing 6000 procedures a year.

Clinical training

My weekly timetable consisted of an elective outpatient clinic with each supervisor and 2-3 full-day supervised operating sessions. Outpatient sessions allowed me to see both new and follow-up patients; all patients then being reviewed by the supervising surgeon. There was sufficient time to discuss management plans and strategies and receive demonstration of examination skills.

Given that this was a private practice the majority of operating sessions involved performing the duties of an assistant. However, as I progressed, I was afforded the opportunity of performing the major part of many procedures and ran a parallel supervised list.

With four supervisors I was able to perform ACL reconstruction using four techniques, with both hamstrings and bone-patellar tendon-bone autograft.

Experience with supervisors

Roger Oakeshott:
Fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon (AE Gross, Toronto), and ex-ABC visiting Fellow: Knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, Knee and Hip arthroplasty (primary and revision), including the development of the ASR Hip resurfacing prosthesis, and minimally invasive hip surgery.

Gregory Keene:
Fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon (RW Jackson, Dallas), ex-president of the Australian Knee Society. Knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, and Knee arthroplasty (primary and revision), including the use of computer navigation.

Roger Paterson:
Fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon (Sydney Sports Clinic), founder member of the Australian Sports Society. Knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, and Knee arthroplasty (primary and revision), medial patellofemoral reconstruction, medial spacers, Foot and Ankle surgery including arthroscopy.

Anthony J Spriggins:
Fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon (AE Gross, Toronto). Knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, Knee and Hip arthroplasty (primary and revision), including the use of computer navigation in these areas, chondrocyte grafting.

Please click here to view the website of Sports Med.

Audit and Teaching

Audit was undertaken on a 3 monthly basis. This was in the form of morbidity and mortality data presentation and discussion. The Fellow was part responsible for these meetings and the presentation of a topic for discussion and informative case study with literature review. I audited and presented: Infection post knee arthroscopy and Infections post hip arthroplasty. I undertook teaching sessions for physiotherapists, medical students and nursing staff. I represented Dr Spriggins at an international knee symposium and gave two podium presentations.


The Fellowship allowed ample time for conducting research in a dedicated office with adequate computer, secretarial and technological support. There was access to a well-stocked library, and support from medical statisticians and illustrators. There was a weekly research meeting with the supervisors and a monthly meeting as an entire group.
I was able to have research accepted for publication and presentation, and have submitted a number of further papers.

Sports Medicine

I accompanied the Clinics’ Sports Physicians to major sporting events (Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, and International Soccer), and gained an insight into the touch-line management of sporting injuries.

Medico-legal reporting

A component of the Fellowship involved the preparation of formal reports of claimants with personal injury, supplementing the 4 years of reporting that had already been undertaken by myself as a Registrar in Trauma and Orthopaedics

Please click here to view the website of Sports Med.


This Fellowship covers all aspects of Foot and Ankle surgery in the Adult and Paediatric patient. There is an equal division between outpatient clinics and theatre commitments, and time for research. Adult work includes Foot and Ankle Arthroplasty, Osteotomy, Fusion and Arthroscopy. Paediatric work includes correction of complex foot deformities.

Mr Stephens is president of the Irish Orthopaedic Association and has strong links with the British Orthopaedic Foot Surgery Society, and European Foot and Ankle Society, and is an editor on a number of major peer reviewed Journals.

Please click here to view the website of Chan Jeer’s Fellowship supervisor in Dublin – Michael Stephens.

June 2013
(booked) Clinical Negligence Course

March 2013
(booked) BASK

December 2012 Certificate of Medical Reporting : Civil Procedure Rules, Part 35
(Bond Solon Cert MR Part1)

December 2012 Certificate in Medical Reporting : Whiplash Associated Disorder
(Bond Solon Cert MR Part2)

December 2012 Infection Control
Blood Transfusion – all modules
Information Governance
Fire Saftey

December 2012 Moving & Handling

October 2012 Innovations in Proximal Femoral Fracture Management

April 2012 BASK Annual Meeting

February 2012 Appraisal Course

December 2011 Information Governance

November 2011 Anterior Approach to the Hip

October 2011 Rapid Recovery Symposium

August 2011 Hospital Life Support

May 2011 South-east Knee Study Group : Guest speaker James Robinson
Tunbridge Wells

April 2011 BASK
Cardiff (7 CME Points)

February 2011 Certification of Effective Hand-washing

November 2010 Revision Knee Course

September 2010 Circuit Meeting

May 2010 East Kent Hospitals away day
Canterbury Cathedral

February 2010 Signature Knee Course

January 2010 South-east Knee Study Group
Tunbridge Wells

2009 Qualified Educational Supervisor Programme : Part 2

December 2009 Child Protection Level 1 Workshop

November 2009 Circuit Meeting

September 2009 Circuit Meeting

August 2009 Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

June 2009 ATLS Provider Course

May 2009 Circuit Meeting

March 2009 Circuit Meeting

February 2009 T&O Away day
Howfield Manor

January 2009 Cartilage Transport Workshop

January 2009 South-east Knee Group : Guest Speaker Andy Williams
Tunbridge Wells

January 2009 Circuit Meeting

January 2009 International Hip Symposium

December 2008 ACL Study Day

November 2008 Cruciate Meeting
Wexham Park Hospital

May 2008 Conflict Resolution Training

May 2008 South-East Knee Study Group
Tunbridge Wells

April 2008 BASK Annual Conference

March 2008 Biomet International Primary and Revision Knee Arthroplasty Meeting
Rome (7 CPD point each)

January 2008
Fire safety
Infection control
Hospital Basic Life Support
Diversity in the workplace
Safe Blood Transfusion Practice Level 1 and 2


January 2008 Good Clinical Practice

January 2008 South-East Knee Study Group Meeting
Tunbridge wells

January 2008 Good clinical practice and regulatory requirements for clinical trials update

October 2007 Appraisal training

October 2007 Smith and Nephew Active Knee International Sports Medicine and Arthroplasty Symposium

September 2007 Fracture neck of Femur Conference

July 2007 ISCP Part 2 Training

June 2007 Biomet International Primary and Revision Knee Arthroplasty Meeting
Rome (7 CPD points each)

April 2007 ISCP Part 1 Training

March 2007 BASK Annual meeting

March 2007 Circuit Meeting

2005 – 2006 Management for Consultants

September 2006 Fire Safety

July 2006 Computer Navigation Workshop

March 2006 BASK Spring meeting

February 2006 Manual Handling
Buckland Hospital

December 2005 Guest Speaker
Tunbridge Wells Knee Symposium

December 2005 Foundation Trainee Assessment Workshop
Fire safety
Child Protection
Risk Management
Recruitment and Selection

QEQM e-learning

October 2005 Teaching Certificate Course
KSS Deanery, London

October 2005 USA Travelling Fellowship
Warsaw, Scranton (Pennsylvania –Schmaltz),
Ohio (Lombardi, Berend, Mallory). Chicago

October 2005 SE Thames Knee Group meeting
Guest Speaker: J Fairclough

September 2005 Child Protection Roadshow

September 2005 Hospital for Special Surgery Minimally Invasive Knee
New York

September 2005 SET Circuit meeting – Course organiser
Feedback “outstanding”

September 2005 Consultant Recruitment workshop

July 2005 Oxford Advanced UKA course

July 2005 Minimally Invasive Knee Cadaver workshop

May 2005 Hip Resurfacing Symposium

May 2005 Advanced medial Pivot knee symposium

March 2005 Autologous Chondrocyte advanced meeting

November 2004 British Orthopaedic Foot Surgery Society Annual Congress

September 2004 European Foot and Ankle Surgery Society Instructional Course
Heidelberg, Germany

April 2004 Stryker Bi-Annual Knee Symposium
Queensland, Australia

April 2004 Revision Total Knee Surgery Symposium,
Peter Sharkey, Rothman Institute, USA
Adelaide, Australia

November 2003 Exeter Users Group meeting, John Timperley, UK
Adelaide, Australia

September 2003 Less-invasive TKR Symposium, Peter Bonutti
Adelaide, Australia

June 2003 Growth factors and BMP Symposium
Guy’s Hospital

May 2003 Management for SPRs
King’s College Hospital

November 2002 Preservation Uni. Masterclass Webcast
Royal College of Surgeons

October 2002 Basic Sciences in Orthopaedics

October 2002 Clinical Examination for FRCS (Tr&O)

September 2002 Nottingham Hand Course for FRCS (Tr&O)

June 2002 United Kingdom Radiology Conference

June 2002 British Elbow and Shoulder Society Meeting

May 2002 Alder Hey Paediatric Orthopaedic Course

March 2002 Combined Australian, British, New Zealand and South African Knee Societies Meeting
Cape Town, South Africa

February 2002 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Conference
Dallas, USA

January 2002 BOA Instructional Course

November 2001 British Orthopaedic Foot Surgery Society Instructional Course

October 2001 British Hand Society Annual Conference

January 1999 BOA Instructional Course

January 1998 BOA Instructional Course

October 1997 Basic Arthroscopy Course
Royal College of Surgeons, London

March 1997 FRCS Part B Course
St. Thomas’ Hospital, London

November 1996 Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient
Royal College of Surgeons, London

September 1996 Ionising Radiation (POPUMET) Course

July 1996 A.O. Basic Fracture Management Course
Queen’s University Hospital, Nottingham
April 1996 Basic Surgical Skills Course
Royal College of Surgeons, London

November 1995 Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Provider
King’s College, London

January 1995 Slome Primary FRCS Course
King’s College, London

Chan Jeer Orthopaedics

Key Information

Full Name: Parminder (Chan) Jit Singh Jeer

Private Practice Assistant:
Jane Patfield
Contact Number:
01304 239 264
Fax Number:
05603 448 821
Email: jeer.orthopaedics@btconnect.com

GMC Registration: 3683622
Date of revalidation: 31/01/14 (valid for 5 years)

MBBS London 1993
FRCS (Part A) –
England, April 1995
FRCS (Part B) –
England, May 1997
FRCS (Trauma & Orthopaedics) –
November 2002

Indemnity cover:
Premium Medical Protection

Current post:
Appointed 2005
Consultant for East Kent
Spencer Private Hospital, Ramsgate Road, Margate, Kent CT9 4BG.
Tel: 01843 234 555

Professional Bodies

Chan Jeer holds membership of the following professional bodies:

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