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Chan Jeer Mission Statement

Thank you for visiting my website. I have jotted down a few notes that I hope will give you some insight into my practice; after all choosing your Surgeon is a very important decision!

As a patient, you will want a Surgeon who does what he does well. The evidence for this is usually very clear in the amount of work that Surgeon does and its quality. Good Surgeons tend to generate referrals from their GP and individuals who have recommended them.

Your high volume Surgeon will be doing over 200 knee replacements a year, 50 ACLs, over 500 arthroscopies and at least 15 revision knee replacements a year. He will have a low complication rate, lower than national averages. His work should be audited locally and nationally in his place of work and the national audits in place such as the National Joint Registry, SSI and PROMs.

Your Surgeon will keep up to date, attend the annual BASK course, present audit and research locally and nationally. He will have yearly appraisals and be innovative but safe. He will apply all that he learns to an evolving but consistent practice to achieve optimum results.

Your Surgeon will have a great team, his PA, his booking clerks, his Nursing and Theatre staff, his Physiotherapy and Anaesthetic colleagues. He will work in relaxed and comfortable surroundings that can deal with any eventuality in a calm and safe manner. He will be fast and efficient but not rush, he will follow rapid recovery principles, including Local Infiltration of Anaesthesia, to speed recovery with reduced risk.

Your Surgeon will work in a clean hospital with low infection rates using laminar flow theatres and protection exhaust hoods when performing joint replacement. He will follow national guidelines on antibiotic prophylaxis and medication to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Your Surgeon will see you promptly, organise investigations quickly and operate as soon as it is safely possible. He will see you regularly after surgery and care for you personally. He will provide encouragement and enthuse you to do well with realistic expectations. He will be available for advice and follow-up when needed.

Your Surgeon will work his best to fill as many of the Choose and Book slots that are offered to him and Knee patients at private providers where he works.

I am sure you will consider all of the above to be important and I am happy to confirm that I tick all of the above boxes!

Best wishes,


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