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Your Experience

Chan Jeer Orthopaedics aims to ensure that your experience with Chan Jeer and his support team is a positive one. An experience that enables you to improve your quality of life through treatment for your knee condition that currently hinders you and your family.

Below outlines the process of your experience with Chan Jeer Orthopaedics.


After discussion with your GP, you will be referred to Chan Jeer Orthopaedics for further assessment of your knee condition. At this point, it is worthwhile contacting your insurer to check that your treatment will be covered under your policy. If you are not insured then packages can be purchased or payment can be made directly to Chan Jeer Orthopaedics.

After a referral has been received a consultation between Chan Jeer and yourself is booked. During this consultation, a patient history and an examination are required to determine the best course of action. It is likely that an x-ray is required before the consultation. If you have had x-rays done previously then it is advised that you bring these along.

When both the patient and surgeon are happy with the procedure determined for the treatment of your knee condition then an appointment for your treatment is booked. It is worthwhile confirming with your insurer at this point that they will cover for the procedure you are going to have.

A few days before the treatment blood work and swabs are taken to ensure that all is ready for the knee or orthopaedic surgery. At this point, the patient will be able to ask any last minute questions and confirm that they wish to go ahead with the procedure.

During and Post-Surgery:

On the day of the surgery, Chan Jeer and his team will be on hand to answer further questions and to explain the procedure again if required. Chan Jeer and the support team want to ensure that at this point you are still happy to proceed.

Immediately after the surgery, you will be advised to rest in the hospital and receive the very best care that Chan Jeer and his team can provide. This is to ensure that you begin your recovery and rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation will involve a series of exercises designed to help you recover from the surgery and begin to use your knees again successfully. You can find an example of exercises required on our aftercare and rehabilitation page here.

After a few days in the hospital, which will be confirmed after your surgery, you will be discharged under the watch of Chan Jeer and his team.

Follow-up consultations with Chan Jeer will ensure that your treatment has helped your reported condition and that you are supported as you continue with your life.

Success Rate:

Chan Jeer is a leading knee surgeon in Kent, he carries out a high number of successful knee surgeries each year. You can see Chan Jeer’s surgeon outcome data here or directly from the NHS website.

If you have any questions regarding knee or orthopaedic surgery then contact Chan Jeer Orthopaedics today by calling 01304 239264 or emailing info@chanjeer-orthopaedics.com.

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